FESCO Contact Number, Email, Helpline

FESCO is a prominent electric distribution company in Pakistan that is headquartered in Faisalabad. It was established in 1998 under the government's power sector reforms program aimed at enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the country's electric distribution system. FESCO's operations cover nine districts of Punjab province, including Faisalabad, Chiniot, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Mianwali, Khushab, Bhakkar, Sargodha, and Khushab, and it serves over 4.5 million customers.

One of FESCO's top priorities is to provide reliable and uninterrupted electricity supply to its customers. It has made significant investments in upgrading its infrastructure, modernizing its distribution network, upgrading its sub-stations, and installing smart meters. FESCO has also set up customer service centers in various cities and a 24/7 call center to attend to customer complaints and inquiries.


FESCO Contact Number, Email, Helpline:

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is one of the largest electric distribution companies in Pakistan, responsible for distributing electricity to over 4.5 million customers in nine districts of Punjab province. As with any utility company, customers may have concerns or questions regarding their FESCO bill, and it's important to know how to contact the company to resolve any issues.

Contact Number:

Contact number for FESCO's customer service center is +92- 41- 9220184-9220229, which is a toll-free number that customers can call from anywhere in Pakistan.

This number can be used to inquire about bill payments, report electricity outages, submit complaints, and ask any other questions related to FESCO services.


In addition to calling the customer service center, customers can also contact FESCO through their website at www.fesco.com.pk. The website has a "Contact Us" page where customers can submit their queries or complaints online. FESCO has also established several customer service centers across their distribution area, where customers can visit in person to address their concerns.

Knowing the FESCO bill contact number and other ways to reach out to the company can help customers get the support they need quickly and efficiently.

The website offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of features to make it easy for customers to access information and manage their accounts. Customers can view their current and past electricity bills by entering their reference number or account ID, and they can also pay their bills online through the website's payment gateway.

In addition to bill management, the FESCO website provides customers with information on their electricity tariffs, energy-saving tips, and a variety of downloadable forms and applications related to new connections, meter changes, and load extensions. Customers can also find contact information for FESCO's customer service centers and important notices and updates related to their electricity supply.

Overall, the FESCO official website is an essential resource for customers to manage their electricity accounts and access important information and services. The website's user-friendly interface and convenient features make it easy for customers to stay up-to-date with their bills and manage their electricity consumption effectively.

Which email address does FESCO have?

FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) has multiple email addresses for different purposes. The main email address for general inquiries and feedback is info@fesco.com.pk.

For complaints related to electricity bills, customers can send an email to complaint@fesco.com.pk.

For new connection requests or inquiries, customers can contact FESCO's New Connection Division through the email address newconnection@fesco.com.pk.

Additionally, FESCO has dedicated email addresses for inquiries related to metering and theft, revenue, and public relations. These email addresses can be found on FESCO's official website or by contacting their customer service cente