NTC Online Bill July 2024

Please Enter Reference No To Check Bill

Now you can access the NTC bill online for every month here. CheckEbill is a completely free internet site where it's possible to get at your NTC bill online easily. In the following, you can find your latest bill, as of date, and also watch the total bill including any due charges. You may download a copy and print this bill, or publish it out of your KE monthly bill for payment submission at the nearest post office.

Thus, input your Username under to look at on your NTC online bill invoice:

Check NTC Bill via SMS

  1. Step 1: Go to your message box
  2. Step 2: Type CB*LandlinePhoneNo ( which should contain the area code with 0) and send it to 1415
  3. Step 3: Then you will get the SMS reply from Ntc with the bill.

Pay NTC Bill via Mobile Banking App

  1. Step 1: Login to your Mobile Banking App
  2. Step 2: Select 1BILL
  3. Step 3: Select Invoice / Vouchers
  4. Step 4: Enter Invoice / Voucher No
  5. Step 5: View details and Pay Bill

Pay NTC Bill via ATM

  1. Step 1: Enter ATM card PIN
  2. Step 2: Select 1BILL
  3. Step 3: Select Invoice / Vouchers
  4. Step 4: Enter Invoice / Voucher No
  5. Step 5: View details and Pay Bill

What is NTC ?

NTC stands for National Telecom Corporation. NTC provides cutting edge calling, broadband, Data Center services, web hosting.

ntc bill

NTC Bill Online:

Bill Details:

On our website, you can immediately check the bill number with a date, then you could also see the entire invoice at which you could discover the meter reading date, invoice issue date, and the amount to cover after due date together with additional surcharge, etc. If you would like to assess either your invoice is paid or not, you may just check this standing for the past month's invoices. For this use, you are able to open the complete invoice and consult with the bill payment history at which you are able to locate the listing of the past 12 months and determine the paid sums.

How to check Monthly NTC Bill Online?

Listed below are measures to assess NTC Bill online:

    1. Visit checkebill.com/ntc-bill website.
    2. Enter username .
    3. Now you get the brand new bill number with a date.
    4. Just click 'View Full Bill' to see the complete bill or download a duplicate of this bill invoice.

How to Pay NTC Bill?

You can pay using a hard copy of the bill and if you didn't receive your copy of the bill then you print a duplicate bill from the above method and then you can pay NTC easily by visiting the nearest office.

New Connection Registration and Transfer Procedure:

Please read the newest link document here. If you bought a new house where the NTC connection already enrolled with the last owner, and you also would like to modify the Name on the invoice, you'll need to follow the same process such as a new link. It is possible to stop by the closest NTC office and use it for the title correction or change.

NTC Helpline

From NTC Network Dial : 1218 From Any Other/Mobile Network Dial : 1916 1218

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I assess the NTC invoice by mobile number or CNIC?

A: No, you may just test it by username number.

Q: How do I change the name within my NTC invoice?

A: You are able to submit an application for title change by visiting the closest office. The procedure to modify the title is the same as the new connection.

Q: What's Helpline for NTC ?

A: Here is the number to call the helpline of NTC : 1218

Q: Can I cover my NTC utility bill?

A: Your present bill isn't appropriate for payments, but in the event that you have pending dues (arrears) on your invoice, you are able to avail payments for that sum at which you will also need to pay interest according to bank prices.

Q: How do I apply for invoice correction?

A: If you believe that your bill total is wrong, you may stop by the nearest NTC office and present your situation.